For reasons of privacy, people still living have their information excluded.

This site went online February 1, 2016 with 500 individuals, which had been passed down to us in writing by our ancestors.

We continue to find and be found by relatives whose data we connect and add. This rapid growth and our documentation here, ensures the preservation of our extended family history.

Our Kelley family originated in Scotland. Family records indicate that our immigrant ancestor, James Kelley, Sr. was born in Alves, Moray, Scotland. James and his brother, John, came to the "New World" sometime prior to the American Revolutionary War.

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About This Project

Description of graphic.This comprehensive web site focuses on the Kelley and Parker families who lived in Monongalia County, Virginia. The main related families include Aldrich, Behon, Biswell, Boden, Booe, Caldwell, Cate, Fleming, Francis, Griffith, Hatfield, Heaton, Hershberger, Hissey, Jackson, Kelley, Lee, Lindsey, Parker, Payne, Rector, Ritchie, Robertson, Short, Stillwell, Thomas, Watson, Wentz, and Wilkinson. The basis of the web site is to focus on Family Groups, that being a family that had a grandparent of Laurie Kelley at its head. The family group shows children and grandchildren birth details, personal history documents (i.e. wills, certificates, photos & archive information) plus information (including concerns) on authenticity of the genealogy information. Currently information is provided on 50 Family Groups, including many photos and documents and is thus more detailed than most other personal genealogy family surname sites. The main stem of the family tree is the Kelley family. However, the webmaster is also trying to cover the pedigree ancestry of the families of the women that married into the Kelley group and their related families as this identifies a number of indirect line of ancestors of Laurie Kelley. The pedigree ancestry charts and the genealogy family history information of these families and others are available here on this site.

In additions, other not related Kelley's in the area have also been mapped into family groups to provide a complete overall picture. However, there are currently still about 800 baptisms of Kelley's ane related families unallocated to family groups and also a similar number of marriages are unallocated.

The overall family tree ancestry of Laurie Kelley is provided under Ancestry Chart. These charts show all the names of the heads of family groups and the generations to which they relate. The detailed genealogy information of each family can then be accessed for each name. The name search function can be used to search alphabetically on this section of the website for names that have family pedigree ancestry charts and to also find genealogy and family tree information via a more detailed search facility. I have collected genealogy on the family name Kelley from all 50 states and this has been made available via this search function. In addition one can search alphabetically on all other individuals that have been referenced in the family groups. There are over 18,000 events recorded.

The documents section contains summaries of any known birth records, death records, marriage records, land records, and wills of people mentioned in the family groups and if a transcription of the will, or a copy, is available then this is linked to. Other historical information collected relevant to the areas of residence, plus maps, towns, locations, buildings, etc., is provided under the Places section.

The main sources for the genealogy family history information are church records, court house records, bible records, census records, and land deed records. From these I have built the ancestry pedigree charts and family trees. I have also accessed other genealogy sites both to add to my history and to verify the ancestry pedigree information held. Various other genealgoy sources and history books have also been used. Details of all sources are shown in the family group information.

I hope that you find the this web site interesting, comprehensive and easy to use. Please feel free to contact me by either e-mailing me or leaving me a message in the guestbook. I would welcome identification of any errors, ommissions, plus any general comments on the Laurie Kelley Family History web site. I would also welcome any further information the genealogy family tree information provided, the pedgree & ancestry charts, or particular individuals including personal history.